Ice and Climate (PSICE)


Graduate Students

  1. PhD Student
    email: mup23@...

    Maeva is a fourth year PhD student, who comes to us from an engineering background. She is interested in seismic tomography as well as location and source parameterization of seismic events. She is currently working with regional and teleseismic events recorded by the GLISN network to invert for the crustal and upper mantle structure beneath Greenland. Some of the goals of this project are to constrain the source of a high geothermal heat flux observed in northeast Greenland, provide valuable information about the geology within Greenland’s continental margin and obtain relatively accurate velocity and density profiles of Greenland's lithosphere that could be used to invert other dataset such as gravity data.

  2. MS Student
    532 Deike
    email: eps5217@...

    Emily is a second year M.Sc. student with PSICE. She graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in geophysical engineering, focusing on computational and applied mathematics, geology, and planetary sciences. She is currently part of a collaborative effort to improve both the performance of the Ice Sheet Systems Model (ISSM) as well as projections of Antarctica’s potential contribution to global sea level as a result of external forcing. Her portion of the project involves modeling the stability and evolution of a coupled glacier system in the Amundsen Sea Embayment, an area in WAIS particularly vulnerable to retreat. Emily enjoys traveling, photography, and running in her time away from the computer, and is perpetually torn over whether she would rather have had dinner with Alfred Wegener or Carl Sagan.

Staff & Faculty

  1. Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences
    517B Deike Bldg.
    email: rba6@...

    Richard is an Evan Pugh Professor of the Pennsylvania State University, as well as a Professor in the Department of Geosciences. Richard is a glaciologist with training in geology and materials science from Ohio State and Wisconsin. He studies the flow and stability of ice sheets, their climate records, and the way they interact with the landscape. He used to spend a lot of time on ice sheets; now, he cheers for students going to the field and stays home to teach, and communicate with the public and policymakers. He likes to bicycle and play soccer, and spend time with his family.

  2. Professor of Geosciences
    442 Deike Bldg.
    email: sxa17@...

    Sridhar is a Professor in the Department of Geosciences and an associate of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Institute (EESI). Sridhar teaches geophysics and glaciology and conducts research in as many cold places as he can convince folks to let him visit. So far he has done most of his fieldwork in West Antarctica and Greenland, with the occasional foray to Norway and Iceland. His interests involve using geophysical tools (seismology, ice penetrating radar, and GPS) to work out how and why glaciers flow in the ways they do. He was hooked on glaciology on his first trip to Antarctica and is still delighted every time he can stand on a glacier.

  3. Associate Professor
    517A Deike (UP), 181 Smeal (Dubois)
    email: parizek@...

    Byron is a PSICE alum, an Associate Professor at Penn State DuBois, and is a member of the Department of Geosciences Graduate Faculty. He teaches undergraduate courses in Mathematics, Earth Sciences, and Computer Sciences. His NSF- and NASA-funded projects focus on numerical modeling of ice-sheet dynamics and related Earth-system processes. When not working with students and colleagues, he enjoys quality time with his family, coaching alpine ski racing, playing in the wilds of PA (e.g., hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, biking, paddling, etc.), traveling, and volunteering at his Church.

  4. Senior Research Scientist
    226A EESB
    email: dxp21@...

    Dave is interested in numerical modeling of the Earth's climate, including 3-D atmospheric and ocean dynamics, ice sheets and vegetation. He works mostly on paleoclimates, long-term ice sheet variations, and past vegetation-climate feedbacks. He has been at Penn State since 1997, when he moved from the National Center for Atmospheric Research after helping to develop the GENESIS Global Climate Model. Recently he has worked more on ice sheet models, coupling them with global and regional climate models and applying them to Antarctica.

  5. Senior Research Associate
    email: dev2@...

    Don is a Senior Research Assistant in Geosciences. His background is in Mineralogy with training at Old Dominion University and Penn State. With multiple years in Antarctica and Greenland on more projects than he can remember, Don landed at the WAIS Divide Ice Core Project as Chief Scientist for the 2011--12 and 2012--13 field seasons. On the science side, Don studies the c-axis fabric of the ice as part of the study of the physical properties of the WAIS Divide core. Cycling, backpacking, X-country skiing, field hockey and family occupy Don's spare time when at home.

  6. Administrative Assistant
    2217 EESB
    email: btk5004@...

    Brad is the administrative support coordinator for PSICE, specializing in research and budget administration. He has worked in the research administration field since 2010 and earned the title Certified Research Administrator from the Research Administrators Certification Council in 2013. He learned much of what he knows from his retired mentor, Deb Detwiler.

PSICE Alumni

  1. Assistant Professor

    Knut is at the University of Washington in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences. His research focuses on integrating field and remote sensing data of ice sheets into models to improve simulations of past and future climate change. His models ultimately allow implementation of sensible climate change mitigation strategies.