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Each file or directory in /content is section. To customize the content, place a file in /layouts/section. The default for this theme (in the absence of a file in /layouts/section) is to simply make a list of all the pages in a directory. For most of the sections, that's fine.

For the /news/ section I wanted to only display the most-recent 10 news items, so that has a special template ~/layouts/section/news.html~ .

For the /people/ section I wanted to group people by their role: students or staff, so that has a template.

Again, we generate the header (header.html) followed by the heading "Graduate Students," followed by a list, where each entry is formatted by people-stub.html. There are two new things here: (1) we choose only those pages that are of Type equal to grad (this is from the metadata in the front-matter), and (2) we sort those pages by lastname (another metadata tag in the front matter).

Once we have disposed of the grad students, we do something similar for the staff, and so on.

Without this template, the People page would simply have a list of all the files in /content/people/.

{{ partial "header.html" . }}

<div id="post-index" class="body-container">
  <h1 class="post-title"> People </h1>

  <h2 class="section-title"> Graduate Students </h2>
  <ol class="post-list">
    {{ $pag := where .Data.Pages "Type" "grad" }}
    {{ range ($pag.ByParam "lastname") }}
    {{ partial "people-stub.html" . }}
    {{ end }}

  <h2 class="section-title"> Staff & Faculty </h2>
  <ol class="post-list">
    {{ $pag := where .Data.Pages "Type" "pi" }}
    {{ range ($pag.ByParam "lastname") }}
    {{ partial "people-stub.html" . }}
    {{ end }}


Here is the front-matter and the first line of the content for my file (/content/people/

#+DATE: 2017-01-25T16:12:51-05:00
#+TITLE: Sridhar Anandakrishnan
#+DRAFT: false
#+TYPE: pi
#+LASTNAME: +anandakrishnan
#+POSITION: Professor of Geosciences
#+IMAGE: sridhar.jpg
#+ROOM: 442 Deike Bldg.
#+EMAIL: sxa17@...

Sridhar is a Professor in the Department of Geosciences and an

The template /layouts/section/people.html uses the metadata tags Type and Lastname to group and sort the entries. The template /layouts/partials//people-stub.html uses the metadata tags (image, room, etc) to generate the page.